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Buy coal wholesale from Power LLC! Directly from the producer, the company supplies the following grades of coal: AK, AKO, AO, AM, AS, ASSh, ASh, DG, DGR, DGM, T, TR, G, GZh, GR, DGR, Zh, K etc. Always in due time!

Power LLC engages in wholesale sales of coal produced by coal mines of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

For the time of its activity, the company has established partnerships with many manufacturers and consumers of coal products, works closely with them and complies with its obligations.

On a permanent basis, Power LLC sells anthracite coal, power plant coal, lean, brown and coking coal, as well as coke on the domestic market of Ukraine, to the CIS countries, the EU and far-abroad countries. The coal is supplied by rail and sea on FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB, CIF terms.

The company sells coal and coal beneficiation product with the following characteristics:

1) Anthracite coal of AK, AKO, AO, AM, AS, ASSh, ASh:

- Coal of ASh grade (anthracite culm), fraction 0-6 mm, ash up to 20%, moisture up to 7%, sulfur 1.8%, volatile matter 3.5%

- Coal of AS grade (buckwheat anthracite), fraction 6-13 mm, ash up to 13%, moisture up to 7%, sulfur 1.8%, volatile matter 3.5-5%

- Coal of AM grade (pea anthracite), fraction 13-25 mm, ash up to 14%, moisture up to 8%, sulfur 1-1.5%, volatile matter 3-7%

- Coal of AO grade (nut anthracite), fraction 25-50 mm, ash up to 9%, moisture up to 8%, sulfur 2.5%, volatile matter 3.5-4.5%

- Coal of AKO grade, fraction 25-100 mm, ash up to 12%, moisture up to 6%, sulfur 1,8%, volatile matter 3.5-4%

- Coal of AK grade, fraction 50-120 mm, ash up to 12%, moisture up to 7%, sulfur 1-2,2%, volatile matter 3.5-5%
2) Long-flame and gas coal: DG (13-100), DG (13-300), DGr (0-20), DGr (0-200), DGk-T (13-25), DGk-T (13-100), G (0-3, sludge).

3) Brown coal BR-1 (0-200), briquettes BR, peat briquettes.

4) Lean coal Tr (0-100), Tr (0-200).

5) Coking coal OS (0-200), Kr (0-200), ZhR (0-200).

6) Coke and its derivatives in the range:

- Blastfurnace coke (fraction 25 mm and more): KD1, KD2, KD3 (Ukrainian Technical Specifications TU 322-00190443-114-96) KDP1, KDP2, KDP3 (Ukrainian Technical Specifications TU 23.1-00190443-086:2006).

- Foundry coke (fraction of 40 mm and more and from 60mm) KL2, KL3 (Ukrainian Technical Specifications TU 322-00190443-61-94 with amendment 4).

- Coal coke (fraction of 25mm or more): K1, K2 (TU 322-00190443-125-99), KK1, KK2, KK3 (TU 322-001-90443-085-97 with amendments 1,2,3).

- Blastfurnace coke (fraction of 40 mm and more): KD1, KD2, (TU 23.1-00190443-070-2002).

- Bulk coke (fraction 0-80mm or more): K1, K2, KK1, KK2, KK3.

- Coke nut: KO2, KO3, KO4 (TU 322-00190443-120-97 with amendment 1.2).

- Coke fines (0-10 mm): KO2, KO3, KO4 (TU 23.1-00190443-011:2011).

The cost of coal is determined individually, depending on the amount, terms of payment and delivery. At your request, we calculate the cost of coal and send the necessary documentation.

Why customers are satisfied with our products and recommend us to their partners

Buying coal wholesale from Power Company, you get the products at the best price in the market. The company is a producer of coal in Ukraine, as well as works directly with manufacturers in Russia and Kazakhstan - you get the products first hand.

You get the product only of the highest category. The transportation of coal is carried out in accordance with all rules and regulations.

The company will deliver you exactly the amount of coal you have ordered. Power LLC values each customer and wants them to be satisfied with the company's services.

Coal, the price of which is profitable!

Wholesale prices for types and grades of coal are established according to the quality corresponding to the average estimate of content. The cost is calculated on the basis of a completed application for the supply of coal.

All coal products contain no metal or other foreign objects.

For details of the characteristics of coal, coal prices please contact power.llc@mail.ru 

Our contact information page is here: http://power.ub.ua/en/contact-information/

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